Breeding and genetic of Aberdeen Angus

Julien and Cécile Marchand offer you Aberdeen Angus breeds, originally from Scotland and listed at the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society.

In a constant effort to improve, we regularly import new genetics.

All our animals born on the farm benefit from genetic monitoring verified by the Scottish Herd-Book "The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society".

The farm located in Côte d'Or straddles the Auxois and Morvan, on a farm of 500 hectares, offering the best conditions for the well-being of the breed: mid forest meadows. This surface allows us to be in forage autonomy and thus ensures a healthy and rich food for an irreproachable traceability.

The goal: "To propose a rigorous genetic selection always keeping in mind to remain in the standards of the race. To guide you as we have been by Scottish and English breeders in all frankness, transparency and with a sense of ethics ".

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